Testris 2020 Game

Practice implementation of Tetris in C++ with SDL2

Lark 2015 Language

An odd dynamic programming language, interpreted by Python

Cultivate 2015 Game

Made for Ludum Dare 34, in 48 hours. Unity.

Sundiver 2014 Game

A game made in ~48 hours for the 29th Ludum Dare.

Maera 2014 App

A minimal Android camera app, inspired by Noirca by Devine Lu Linvega

LVRG 2014 Game

A simple Android game about self-control and timing. Made with Haxe and OpenFL.

Tinyforum 2013 Web App

Small bulletin board system implemented in clojure. Source code and deployment instructions on github.

Isolation 2013 Game

A game about personal space.

Scraps 2013

Minor works of code.