Testris 2020 Game

Practice implementation of Tetris in C++ with SDL2

Lark 2015 Language

An odd dynamic programming language, interpreted by Python

Cultivate 2015 Game

Made for Ludum Dare 34, in 48 hours. Unity.

Sundiver 2014 Game

A game made in ~48 hours for the 29th Ludum Dare.

Maera 2014 App

A minimal Android camera app, inspired by Noirca by Devine Lu Linvega

LVRG 2014 Game

A simple Android game about self-control and timing. Made with Haxe and OpenFL.

Tinyforum 2013 Web App

Small bulletin board system implemented in clojure. Source code and deployment instructions on github.

Scraps 2013

Minor works of code.

Isolation 2013 Game

A game about personal space.