Trying Twine (TextJam)

by Kyle Travis on 2014-06-24

I was determined to participate in TextJam last weekend, and without much time to devote I thought it could be smart to give Twine a try. Starting with a solid framework meant that once I had learned the syntax (and installed a few essential macros,) I could devote my remaining time to content and styling.

Here is my entry, You Are Mistaken

I have a love-hate relationship with CSS, but I'm happy with the simple style I ended up with. Writing content with the Twine editor is pretty natural, and it wasn't hard to keep things mostly organized once I got the hang of it.

The only negative from my experience (once I got past some syntactical quirks) was the hosting process. I finished with around an hour until the submission deadline, nowhere near a wifi connection, and with a dying laptop battery, so I had to improvise... I sent the built html file to my phone via bluetooth, then tried to upload to philome.la, which I had found ahead of time. Unfortunately, the drop-target for uploading files on the site is not usable from a mobile browser, and I couldn't find a way around that in a rush. Instead I stuck the file in my public dropbox folder, which was enough to hold over until I could get a real solution later that day.

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